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Managua Airport Trasnsporation to San Juan del Sur, Airport Shuttles and Transport to any location in Nicaragua and Liberia, Costa Rica.

Surfing LEssons In san juan del sur

Anyone know of a cooking class in either of these locations. Go into someone's home & find out about Nicaraguan cuisine? Would love to do this.

If you a looking for authentic Nicaraguan cuisine, we can help you at Spanish Corner School. We offer this service for just 25U$ per person.We include everything you need and teach you about the Nicaraguan food. This is also another way of exploring our country and culture.


seaturtle expedition

One week of surfing lessons include:

Trainer, surfboard and transportation during 5 days only for U$ 165 per person.

Watching whales


surfing lessons 

7 days staying with us is U$ 135, include 3 meals during one week

We have Shuttles everyday at 9:30 am from:

San Juan del Sur to Sn Jorge  U$ 15

San Juan del Sur to Granada U$ 15

San Juan del Sur  to Managua (airport) U$ 25

San Juan del Sur to Leon U$ 25

 and also we offer service to Costa Rica 

San Juan del Sur to Liberia U$ 35 

San Juan del Sur to San Jose U$ 70

We offer private Transfer too from Airport Managua to San Juan del Sur. and from Airport Liberia, Costa Rica to San Juan del Sur.

Surfing San Juan del Sur, surf shops, surfboard rental and repair, surf lessons, beach shuttles and boat trips.

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La Flor beach is a sanctuary of nature. Nicaragua is blessed with several beaches where the Olive Ridley turtles come to lay there eggs. These sea turtles weigh about 45 kg and are spread throughout the world. There are nesting sites in Asia and Africa as well, but despite this dispersion the Olive Ridley population is threatened and in some places endangered with extinction. In Nicaragua there is a fairly big population, but egg harvesting and destruction of nesting sites is having an impact on this population.

 The Olive Ridley turtles come to the beach en masse, during so called arribadas in which thousands of turtles arrive at the same time to lay their eggs. This way, the hatchlings will swarm the beach in huge numbers and in doing so they increase their chance of survival.



 Wildlife Reserve La Flor measures more than 3,000 hectares and is located 22 kilometers south of San Juan del Sur. It is one of the places in Nicaragua where you can observe the arribadas of Olive Ridley turtles. You can do more than just watch the arribadas during the respective season. The area offers many sites and scenarios where you can see, at any time of year, marine life, land animals, insects, streams: for more on this, read here down our Activity "Hatching at the La Flor Beach". You can also view a profile of this place as "Nicaraguan beach” We organize seaturtle expedition to la flor beach just U$ 30 include transportation and the entrance. We normally go at night.

Whale watching season runs from January to March in Central America 
and Nicaragua is the winter breeding ground for the humpback whales. Humpbacks live in the oceans and seas around the world and migrate up to 25,000 kilometers each year. They feed in the summer in the polar waters and migrate to the tropics to breed and give birth in the winter


Humpback whales grow to be about 52 feet (16 m) long, weighing 30-50 tons and have a life expectancy of 45-50 years.Humpbacks whales sing long, complex songs and their songs can travel for great distances underwater. It is estimated that there are over 10,000-15,000 humpback whales world-wide. We organize for watching whales just 4 hours for U$ 350  minimum 8 people.


Find out where to learn Spanish in Nicaragua with our handy guide to language schools.

cooking classes


sea turtles arrivals to chacocente and

La flor beach 2023 - 2024

Student Accommodation:

We offer homestays with Nicaraguan families. This is beneficial because you would be completely immersed, speaking Spanish with everyone around you. The price is US$100.00 for a homestay, or we can help you find a hostel or hotel here in San Juan del Sur during your stay, if you’d prefer. if you need meals for offer your Nicaraguan homemade food for an additional price and also you stay longer (without classes)  but you pay u$ 20 every single day.( no meals). We have a great internet connection of 200 Mb(fiber optic) super stable, water tank reserve, security cameras, and you can use the kitchen, fridge, microwave etc.

no meals included due to the increase in food prices after covid 19 and other events that affect economies.

San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School, we are an Spanish language School offering online tutoring one to one.activities are not included in the price.

Price for activity depend on student number available but it is possible to organize activities in and out of San Juan del Sur,San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School activities are not included in the  price, we are the best option to study abroad, best services.

 videos of San juan del sur 

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Spanish Lessons One On One in Nicaragua and Group Spanish Lessons:

We have different options for Spanish Lessons: private(Spanish lessons one on one in nicaragua), group spanish lessons and also online, Our rates for Spanish classes are the cheapest in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur. We offer different options. The price for Spanish lessons is u$10 per hour. We have special deals for more hours of Spanish classes. We also have packages where we include Spanish lessons, student accommodation, surfing lessons for only U$ 390.00 per week. The packages include everything inclusive: classes, bedroom, purified water(during 7 days), surfboard, instructor, transportation to the beach, (during 5 days) Our rates for Spanish classes are the cheapest in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur. We offer different options. our school place is very comfortable. Remember in San Juan del Sur we have only one location.

Spanish Online:  SKype and Zoom Spanish Lessons in Nicaragua: 

Skype and Zoom Spanish Lessons in Nicaragua is possible Thanks to technology, you no longer have to leave your home to study at a school in Hispano- America, with Spanish teacher. Get started today their classes, unrestricted schedules, without leaving the comfort of your home or office, without paying high charges. Ideal for the whole family.

You no longer have excuses, learn in real time with a native speaker. Study in Latin America without leave your country .

It’s easy to learn, Our Spanish Language School used means efficient, high quality and easy of use. We work with Skype, instant messaging system with voice over employee in the world.  a novel and highly stable and sound quality and image.

To start you classes on Skype  just send us an e-mail telling us when you want to start, and talking about your skills in the language. If you have experience with Spanish you must to take a level test, in order to know exactly what is your level and working according to your level. If you have not studied before just tell us and we can adapt the class for a real beginner. One hour of classes On-line is not different price than classes in Nicaragua. 

We are a Nicaraguan educators team, who have been teaching Spanish to foreign visitors in Nicaragua for more than 8 years.
Study Spanish in Nicaragua or Online in Spanish Corner School with excellente acommodations and location in San Juan del Sur. we are the only Spanish Language School you can call from United States or Canada, calling our US phone 305-901-7944.